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Dress Code


The following dress code is to be observed by all Members when participating in Competitions organised by The Association.

On The Course

Shirts with collar attached must be tucked into trousers or shorts at all times.
Trousers or tailored shorts. No jeans or other 'sports' type trousers are allowed.

When wearing shorts, which must be tailored and of a reasonable length, white 'Sports' socks which should show above the ankle by at least six inches may be worn; except when playing at Littlestone GC where long socks which cover the calf and reach to just below the knee must be worn.
Shoes. Proper golf shoes must be worn. Notice will be given on the Entry Form if 'soft' spikes are mandatory on the course to be played.


Off The Course   

Jacket, trousers and shirt with Association tie or, alternatively, ‘smart casual’ apparel are to be worn in the clubhouse when dining.

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