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Dress Code


The following dress code is to be observed by all Members when participating in Competitions organised by The Association.

On The Course

Shirts with collar attached must be tucked into trousers or shorts at all times.
Trousers or tailored shorts. No jeans or other 'sports' type trousers are allowed.

When wearing shorts, which must be tailored and of a reasonable length, white 'Sports' socks which should show above the ankle by at least six inches may be worn; except when playing at Littlestone GC where long socks which cover the calf and reach to just below the knee must be worn.
Shoes. Proper golf shoes must be worn. Notice will be given on the Entry Form if 'soft' spikes are mandatory on the co
urse to be played.


Off The Course 


Jacket, trousers and shirt with Association tie or, alternatively, ‘smart casual’ apparel – which does not include shorts or golfing attire – is to be worn in the clubhouse when dining.

This code was decided by the AKVG membership at the 2017 AGM and is stated in the annual Membership Card. However, non-compliance (even including ‘beach wear’) has offended a number of members and led to complaints to your committee. As the term ‘smart casual’ is not well-defined, AKVG Club Representatives are requested to alert AKVG members at their club to the following definition and guidance.

‘Smart Casual’ in a golf club setting:

While many dress codes for sports have become less strict over the years, golf retains its investment in tradition and etiquette. Golf casual attire is a dress code that is slightly less formal than the strictest country club dress codes and is roughly on par with clothing you would wear to work in an office setting. Expect to look professional but comfortable.

While golf is an individual sport, your actions affect the experience of everyone around you. This communal atmosphere requires some basic agreement on dress etiquette to create an environment that is distraction-free and respectful. For example, just as you wouldn't wear shorts or golfing attire to work, you shouldn't wear them in the clubhouse dining room.

AKVG members are requested to respect our dress code and this definition and guidance.

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