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The Representatives Decanter

Winner AKVG Reps Tenterden 2023.jpg

2023: Carlo Nuvoletta - 34 points, representing Broome Park

Runner up: Robert Chillcott - 34 points                


This Trophy was originally presented by Dick Brook in 2002

Previous winners:

2022: John Linstead, representing Ashford

2021: James Huntington, representing Mid Kent

2019: Brian Rayner, representing Kings Hill

2018: Nigel Courtney, representing Westerham

2017: Rod Hearnden, representing Upchurch River Valley

2016: Gordon Gove, representing Tudor Park

2015: Nigel Courtney, representing Westerham

2014: James Huntington, representing Mid Kent

2013: Brian Hughes, representing Lydd

2012: Peter Johnson, representing Fawkham Valley

2011: Peter Roberts, representing Westerham

2010: Alan Atkins, representing Kings Hill

2009: Brian Rose, representing Dartford

2008: Glynn Thomas, representing Sene Valley

2007: Brian Rose, representing Dartford

2006: Glynn Jenkins, representing Langley Park

2005: Terry Lambourne, representing Sundridge Park

2004: Peter Sullivan, representing Woodlands Manor

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